A number of months have now passed since John repaired and upgraded my MF Tri Vista amp and A1008 CD. As far as the amp is concerned John returned it in showroom condition and as John advised performance improved and went on improving as time went by. It now drives and controls the speakers in an effortless manner and the clarity of bass and treble, particularly on good recordings, is remarkable. In short the treble harshness and poorly defined bass have been eliminated.

Being so impressed with the upgraded amp I decided to go ahead with the CD player. Like the amp it was returned looking brand new and goes on improving as the weeks go by. In short the sound stage is bigger i.e.wider and higher with individual instruments in their own space and again on better recordings its like having the artists in the room with you.

Thank you for the excellent service, and I would recommend anyone who is considering upgrading by investing in expensive new equipment to asses with John the potential that can be released from their existing set up before making the decision. Like me I am sure they will find your upgrades the most cost effective way forward.

Tony Wood