It was by complete chance that I discovered John. I didn’t own MF gear, but heard of John through my brother. My Cyrus pre/power amps just weren’t doing it for me. I didn’t have any gear to upgrade, but instead called John for advice on how to proceed. John was absolutely fantastic and advised on the best way forward for my budget.

After some searching I now have an XP100 pre amp and an a3cr power amp. Both have been expertly upgraded by John and are a mind-blowingly good combination. The upgraded MF pre/power combo cost half as much as my old Cyrus pre/power and completely embarrasses the Cyrus. It’s frankly not even close – the JS upgraded MF amps have introduced me to a quality of music that far surpasses the Cyrus kit.

It’s fair to say the the XP100/a3cr improve every aspect of sound quality… Big, wide and deep soundstage and a realism I never thought possible with my budget. The music is so organic and natural. I’ve been into music and hifi for nearly 30 years and I can honestly say these MF amps are the first time I’ve stopped listening to my HIFI! The musicality is incredibly good and I just find myself getting lost in the music! That is some achievement – Thank you John!

Jason Darke