So, after many years of owning the Nu Vistas, the long dormant upgrade bug was kicking in and off I went to a local respected Hi-Fi shop to see and hear the latest offerings. As soon as the store knew what I had, the staff nearly screamed at me to keep the Nu Vistas and send them to John for a service/ upgrade. So, for far less than the cost of the amps when originally purchased, John worked his magic. After first plug in, the immediate response was “Wow, that’s an improvement”. After the three weeks “burn in”, the system just came to life both in scale, depth and insight that gave me that upgrade well beyond that, that I thought that I could afford. My biggest critic….. the other half who “can’t hear the difference” suddenly could and was, herself now sitting down listening to her collection of CD’s! I dragged her along to a high-end Hi-Fi show and the first demo room we sat in and she turned to me and said… I much prefer the sound of our system. When I discovered that the hi fi we were listening to was £100,000+, will I be upgrading anything anytime soon? Well, I could buy the new Nu Vista pre and power combo at £45,000 or I can continue to sit her with a smug face knowing that I paid not even 10% of that price to have a pair of old nu vistas that blows the new ones away. So is it worth it the cost of John’s magic? Well, you work out the maths!