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MF A100 - upgrade MAGIC!

Oct 23, 2021 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: Musical Fidelity A100 

As I wrote to John soon after getting my refurbished & upgraded Musical Fidelity A100 back earlier in the year, it was magical, but now it is exceptionally so! It runs quietly & so much cooler. It was hot & noisy 32 years ago, so a huge improvement! The sound is incredible & I have never bothered to turn my REL subwoofer back on. It is like reviewing a new collection of music with everything sounding more musical & exciting. Friends are dumbfounded at the sound coming out of my small but trusty Quad 77-11L speakers set on custom wall brackets. I could always drag my transmission line TDLs out of the loft, but quite unnecessary. Happy times are here! Thanks John.

Musical Fidelity Amp Upgrade

Sep 15, 2021 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: 3A & P140 

V Old , but much loved Amp & Pre amp. When the Phono Chanel went , I knew it was a time for repair or replace.
I chose repair / Upgrade and am very glad I did.
Amazing Clarity - smooth smooth sound with loads of definition.
I am now re-listening to my entire music collection to pick up on all the bits I was missing before. Txs Andy

Musical Fidelity A3 CD Repair & Upgrade

Aug 23, 2021 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: Musical Fidelity A3 CD Player 

My venerable and much-loved A3 CD had become increasingly fussy about which CDs it would play and, having had the player for about 20 years, I knew it was time it received some attention.

I had heard about John in one of the hi-fi magazines, so contacted him about the problem. We had aa lovely chat, and John was able to confirm he could repair my player and, if I wished, upgrade the performance.

So, I took the plunge and went for the upgrade. And I'm absolutely delighted I did! It really was like hearing my music collection for the first time.

I couldn't be more delighted - well, perhaps I'm slightly narked that my A3 CD / A3 24 DAC source now sound better than my turntable!!

Next-up is my equally venerable and equally much-loved X-A2, which will be on its way to John for the upgrade, shortly.

In short, John really is the only person you should be entrusting your Musical Fidelity gear to. He's the expert - just read all of the reviews!!

MF A3.2 integrated upgrade

Jul 23, 2021 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: MF A3.2 

John is one of the gems of the hifi world! His knowledge of electronics, upgrades and the general industry is just staggering; he's willing to share it too, always keen for a good chat about your system and upgrade potential, a wealth of expertise and great advice. Not only has he transformed my A3.2 into a genuinely high end amplifier, with the performance of an amp costing several times the purchase price, he's also offered hugely effective advice and tips on other areas of my system including cabling and tweaks.
Basically that great phenomenon during listening whereby the system just disappears and jaws drop in disbelief at the realism of a great recording, now occurs far more regularly. Without a doubt the best upgrade I've made so far. When can JS upgrade the rest of my system!!? Thanks very much John.

MF KW SACD player

Jul 17, 2021 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: KW SACD player 

My KW SACD player developed a fault where it wouldn't read the CD's, then the CD tray stopped ejecting altogether. I phoned John and his reassuring knowledge of the player persuaded me to send it of to him to be fixed.
I'm only writing this review 18 months after having got it back due to a small daughter who would have pressed and prodded it in the existing equipment support, now it sits in a child resistant rack.
John has performed miracles on my machine, what was already a stupendous player is now in another league, the sounds have filled out in the highs, mids and bass. I'm completely blown away by what he's achieved. I also have an Audiolab CDT6000 transport and a RME ADI2 DAC which I can compare it to, they are no slouches either, all running through a Karan Accoustics KAI 180 amp and Anthony Gallo REF 3 speakers, John is a magican, no hesitation in recommending his services. Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant.
One very very satisfied customer.

JS Audio Repairs , USA 5.0 5.0 170 170 As I wrote to John soon after getting my refurbished & upgraded Musical Fidelity A100 back earlier in the year, it was magical, but now it is exceptionally so! It runs quietly & so