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New lease of life for my A3.2cr amp

Apr 10, 2013 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: A3.2cr power amplifier 

I've had my A3.2cr power amp for some years and it occurred to me that replacing it to a similar standard, if ever that became necessary, would be costly. After seeing so many positive reviws of John's work it seemed a safe bet to have him overhaul and upgrade my amp; I was not disappointed. He has, I believe, replaced all the capacitors and improved the internal wiring. Power supply caps have been up-rated too... and it sounds like a new AND more powerful amp. Bass has more control, top end is cleaner and the sound is overall more 3D and images are more stable. Harmonically the sound is richer; the sort of effect one would expect if a much more expensive amp had been installed. Dare I say that amp sounds valve-like? And I don't mean in a cliched 'warm and cuddly' way. I mean that harmonically the sound is more life-like, more envolving, richer but with no loss of detail or attack. I wanted to save my self the anxiety of having to consider how I would cope if this old amp failed. Job done. relax and enjoy. Thank you John.

Musical Fidelity X-CAN v2

Mar 25, 2013 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: Upgraded 

II purchased a used X-CAN v2 headphone amp, which turned out to be very sub standard. I contacted John and he recommended a full upgrade spec.After a couple of weeks amp was returned in tip top condition. the resulting sound quality in terms of detail and tone is quite superb,the service and communication from John is simply excellent.A Hi-Fi craftsman if ever there was one!

Musical Fidelity B1 lives on

Mar 20, 2013 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: Repair and upgrade 

I was faced with the propect of trying to match the quality of my old amp the musical fidelity B1 on a budget. With the repair and upgrade the amp is better than ever. The Bass output and the detailing has been improved john Sampson has definitley improved the sound quality of the B1 amp

Great Upgrade

Mar 11, 2013 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: Electra Amp 

I had my Elektra amp upgraded by John a couple of weeks ago now and it sounds like a completely different amp. Phono stage is so controlled and I’ve heard sounds on records I haven’t heard before. The CD player sounds good as well. Thanks for the great upgrade on my amp, money well spent thanks once again. Mick

Musical Fidelity A3

Feb 12, 2013 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: Upgraded 

I bought a second hand A3 player about 9 years old and in first class condition for £350, then had John's £600 upgrade. It was 3 or 4 months of normal use before the sound stopped changing. And it was certainly worth waiting for. The player does everything I wanted, playing classical, rock, easy listening all with equal success. You get a proper impression of the performance. The "hi-fi" aspects of the sound eg bass, treble, clarity, instrument tones etc are all so natural that I have come to take those technical aspects for granted. The whole sound is evenly balanced, very open, clear and stress-free. There is an easy reality about each performance that is uncanny and very addictive. You could listen to this player for many hours at a time without fatigue. I have run out of superlatives, suffice it to say this player has to be heard to be believed. Heartily recommended, and thanks John, this is a great service.

JS Audio Repairs , USA 5.0 5.0 156 156 My 20 year old Elektra e100 was half dead with one channel completely gone and horrible static buildups and spiking threatening speaker safety, the amp was in desperate need of