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Nu-Vista Pre repair

Sep 12, 2020 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: Repair 

Thanks for the repair to my Nu-Vista Pre today. Appreciate the time you gave me and the discussion about upgrade options for the NV Power amp.
Fantastic service from a nice guy. Thank You.

5k power amp now sounds like £20k power amp

Sep 02, 2020 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: MF M8500s 

I’ve owned two MF amps , the m6i , then upgraded to the m8500s , I found the sound of the m8 to be very clean, low distortion/noise and with endless authority and I thought I would keep this amp forever, £5k is an awful lot of cash for an amp and I thought this was the best I could get within a reasonable cost. I’m always looking to upgrade my system though but I don’t like changing things for the sake, I’ve got a reference dac and streamer already and looking around I found JS audio on the net, and found his MF upgrades. Ive been toying with the upgrade idea , but Having an engineering background I didn’t like what I heard from other up graders , so decided not to do it. However talking to John it’s very clear he is an expert and has years of experience in the industry, on the back of my conversations with him I decided to have him upgrade my precious M8. I’ve had my amp back from him for two/three months now after a full stage two upgrade. The results are brilliant, the amp now seems to have virtually no noise, it has much more resolution, mid range is much better and more forward, it has savage relentless power and authority now. The upgrade wasn’t cheap but you get what you pay for and I would recommend this upgrade to anyone wanting a high end, big power amp but doesn’t want to pay £20k for it. Absolutely awesome, thanks John.

JS Audio Upgrade Magic

Aug 19, 2020 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: KW 500 & kW Dac 

John very kindly repaired my kW CD transport, and when I collected it we discussed how much better my kW500 would be if upgraded so I went for the complete package including the power supply upgrade - the man has magic fingers! What a transformation, the depth and control that this amp has now is simply astonishing, the music just flows so naturally it is a joy! Having experienced what John could achieve I then had the kW DAC upgraded too - with similar results. There is no doubt that the kW kit was good but once John has breathed on them they are probably the best sounding bits of kit I've ever, ever heard, bar none, and over forty plus years I've heard some great sounding kit and a lot of different makes costing a hell of a lot more. I cannot recommend a JS Audio Upgrade enough - if you've got a kW500 let John upgrade it and be ready for a shock!!! Five star service as well!! Thank you John

Musical Fidelity M3

Jul 15, 2020 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: Stage 2 Upgrade 

I upgraded my speakers to B&W 803 D3's and was looking to improve my AMP and fix a dirty input selector without buying a new expensive AMP.

I gave John my M3 AMP and he performed his stage 2 upgrade. It was well worth the upgrade and price was very reasonable for the work carried out.

It sounded much better, improved the control, bass and overall performance.

John also provided some advice for upgrading other components of my system and I bought a iFi SPDIFF which also improved my digital source buffering.

John is a highly experienced electronics and audio engineer. I would recommend JS Audio for repairs, upgrades and advice.

It’s all about the music, silly!

Jul 07, 2020 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: Musical Fidelity X-ACT 

Thank you for the return of my upgraded X-ACT which I have used with my Roksan K3 CD player as transport. I have listened to a dozen or so discs so far and can say without contradiction that, considering the extent of the improvement, this was the best £130 I have ever spent on my audio set up. Like all genuinely good hi-fi upgrades, it wasn’t the treble extension, the stereo placement or the bass definition that I found myself assessing. No, I was simply listened to the music, tapping my feet and singing along like never before! Like any well setup system, it’s all about the music, not the ‘hi-fi’.

Thank you once again for a such an excellent and cost effective upgrade.

JS Audio Repairs , USA 5.0 5.0 155 155 So glad I found John who was able to advise on repair and upgrade options for these old amps, they've been repaired twice before so I wanted to make sure they stand the test of tim