I have had my amplifier from new, so over 20 years. The input selector had been playing up for some time, but not only that, it had begun to sound lacklustre. Only one thing for it. I spoke to John, who explained my problems were common for the age of the amplifier.
He explained about the Stage 1 or Stage 2 upgrade he could do, and fix any other problems, such as the input selector issue.
I went for the Stage 2 upgrade option, and I have to say it is the best money I have ever spent in all the years of listening to music.
He arranged the transport for me, and I had it on it’s way within a couple of days of speaking to him.
I’ve had it back now for three weeks and it sounds amazing. Far better than it did from new. The clarity, bass and detail, combined with the power and control it has now is startling to say the least. I am hearing things which I hadn’t heard before.
I can advise anyone in a similar situation to myself that the Stage 2 upgrade is the way to go. I am indebted to John for transforming what was a great amplifier into a whole new level of sound reproduction, one that I imagined would only be found by spending north of £10,000 on a new one. Thank you John. My Nu-Vista 3D CD player will be next. Saving up already.

Peter Stead

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