I recently bought a musical fidelity a1001 amp and after picking it up from swindon down south, and bringing it all the way back up to newcastle, plugged it in and set it all up with my system i noticed the input select lights were flickering on and off ,i decided to open it up to have a look not touching anything as its not my scene but i noticed some corrosion on the internal front panel which had rotted the whole circuit board,i had a quick look on internet to see if ther were any front circuit boards for sale but to no avail,i was just going to throw it away when i noticed on ebay that most musical fidelity stuff had been upgraded by js audio so i got in touch and wow,this guy knows his stuff”thank god”he told me to send it down and that he could fix it and also upgrade it which has all been completed,all i can say is that this guys a genius at fixing audio equipment my amp sounds amazing and all works as it should ,if you have a problem with your gear give js a call i would highly recommend him excellent job i’m over the moon thanks again john sampsonšŸ« 

Mark livingstone

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