I’d had my A370.2 since new and for various reasons after our last house move my hifi didn’t come out of the boxes. The A370 sat unused since early 2005 until Covid happened and like many others at that time when stuck at home I started to pick up old hobbies. However when the A370 was connected up and turned on it didn’t work. I gave up on it and it almost got binned at that point. Until early 2023 when I started to look for anyone local in central Scotland who could repair it. People promised a lot but couldn’t deliver. After it spending months with someone who did nothing to it other than to tell me he thought one channel was blown, and another high end dealer who thought they could fix it, but after several botched attempts and more blown MOSFETs they gave up and suggested JS Audio and John.
I called and spoke to John, explained the situation and shipped the wrecked A370 to him. He’s very busy, but he had a quick look, called me to assure me that he could fix it and gave me an estimate. He warned it would be in the queue behind a number of other repairs and would be a few months before he could look at it. True to his word after a few months I had a call from him that the amplifier was repaired and given a makeover. It’s running cooler than it used to and sounds just wonderful. Connected to my Michell Gyrodec, MF 3b preamp and driving my vintage KEF 105/3s the open, spacious, almost 3D nature of the sound and smooth yet tight control has to be heard to be believed. Thank you John, you’ve breathed new life into what I thought was going to be a write off.

Norman Taylor

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